Pentagon Giving A Beautiful Ballads to Universes

Pentagon Giving A Beautiful Ballads to Universes


After waiting for more than five months, now Universes can smile again. “Pentagon” just released their digital single “Beautiful”. The song is quite surprising to their fans as Cube suddenly dropped the image teaser out of no where.

Not that I am gonna complain. Even I am not their fans-yet-, I like some of their songs. Lets say, “Pentagon”, “You Are” are the most favorites from their first album. Their debut album “Gorilla” is one of the best debut album in 2016. Too bad, not much people aware of it.

And today, “Beautiful” has been released. Just like the tittle, it is a beautiful song. Cube describe “Beautiful” as a ballad that will enhance the members’ singing ability and emotional appeal. This song, which expresses candid love for a girl. And it has a romantic lyrics about how you will only love one person until the moment you close your eyes. And finally, I can hear Shinhwon singing “You are beautiful” at the chorus.


It is hard to choose the most favorite part from this song. But, the high note from Pentagon main vocals is just blown me away. Finally, kudos to Jung Ilhon. He made such a beautiful song and melody. With this song, I have high expectation with Pentagon comeback in June.

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